ow to get Married by Meredith

My role is all about making the ceremony part of your wedding journey as simple and relaxed as possible. I help you focus on why you're getting married and work with you to create a ceremony that's a total reflection of you and your love. 

Get in touch: If you like the sound of me, get in contact for a quick chat or cup of tea. I'm going to be a pretty important part of your special day, let's make sure you love my vibe! 

Great hangs: You book me and we catch up for an 'official' meeting. We'll drink tea, have good chats, sign your first legal document and work together to create a ceremony totally unique to you. I have a checklist of all the things might want to consider, lots of wedding experience and a head full of creative ideas.

Awesome ceremony: I write your ceremony based on our ceremony design and your answers from my fun couple questionnaire - yes, I give you homework!

On the day: I arrive early and check in with you both. Sometimes people are a little nervous... I'm a calm, familiar face. I check the venue is ready, make sure guests are feeling welcome and bring along my fantastic PA you can also use for pre-ceremony music and entrances. 

The best part: You two know that your ceremony is going to be fabulous, that it will set a great vibe for the whole wedding day and you'll have so many guests comment on how amazing your ceremony was!