Legals only / Paperwork only /
Registry style weddings

For those who want to be married fuss-free and quickly.

It's cheaper than getting married at the registry and

you can get married anywhere you want!

How do I have a legals-only or registry style wedding? 

We have a video chat to complete the legally required Notice of Intended Marriage.

Then we meet again at least a month later for the marriage-making. I say some legal words, you say some legal words, we sign some documents, and BOOM you're married! 

For those wanting a few extra things said, or a registry style wedding, I have some lovely ceremony wording I can add in very easily. I will send these through when you get in contact, so you know what your options are. 

How much does it cost for a legal-only wedding?

$450. Travel outside of Newcastle LGA is charged at $30/hr. 

Sounds like your vibe? Let's have a chat to see how it might work for you. 

Success! I'll be in touch!