Frequently asked questions

How long does it take?

Our standard Garden Rooms: In most cases the process takes between 6-8 weeks. Our Cabin designs: The Kits are delivered to your door in 2 - 3 weeks.

How much space is required?

This will depend on the size of the floor plan you choose. We don’t require any extra space for the installation process and can safely build on your boundary, but your local council may have certain boundary offsets that need to be observed. You should check for any building restrictions before your outdoor room is installed.

Can the rooms be built on uneven or sloping ground?

Yes they can. If you have a sloping yard, we can use an adjustable galvanised metal pier system to create a level floor space on any gradient. A site inspection will be needed to assess the site and this system will increase the cost slightly. Contact Us to discuss your site and whether or not this system will be required.

Do I require council approval?

We will provide you with all the required documents for your permit application. (*fee applies) We offer floor plans, engineering or structural drawings to help get the approval process underway. In many cases council approval will not be required to install an Inoutside room, but it may depend on how you intend to use the space and the size of your room. Our rooms are intended as Class 10A structures under the Australian Building Code: - Class 10: Non-habitable building or structure. - Class 10A: Private garage, carport, shed or the like According to the BCA (Building Code of Australia) a non-habitable room is “a space which is not occupied frequently, or for extended periods of time.” For most councils, a permit is not required if the floor space does not exceed 10sqm or 3m in height. Some councils allow a larger floor space before requiring a permit, so it is always best to contact your local council to get the right advice if you’re unsure. Should you need a permit, we can supply you with the information you'll need to support your application submission, including: • The floor plan and elevation of your room • Engineered Structural drawings • Specifications Council fees – if required – are not included in the cost of your outdoor room.

Is plumbing and electricity supplied?

We offer lock up installation only, so please arrange for local registered plumbers or electricians to supply your room with power and water.

Do I need concrete foundations?

No. The design of our outdoor rooms eliminates the need for costly concrete foundations. We use a steel frame structure supported engineered concrete footing blocks which are installed to an appropriate depth, reducing the floor height of your new building. This also reduces the overall amount of time and concrete required to establish your room.

Is there a large step up to access my room?

The treated timber or steel framework of your room, plus flooring, is around 170mm in height. We also allow an 80mm gap beneath your room for adequate ventilation, which brings the total step up to about 250mm. This will vary depending on the slope of your block, so you may wish to consider creating a step or extended deck area for easy access.

Will my room be decorated internally?

No, our garden rooms are finished to lock up level. You will have to arrange full installation and decoration yourself.

Does tight site access provide any problems?

Inoutside have no issues with difficult to access locations as we carry through materials manually, no special equipment is needed.

Are our garden rooms available in your state?

Please check our service chart to find out which states we service and the garden room sizes available for your state.

What does prefabricated mean?

Prefabricated means the room is made in our factory. The rooms are pre-made and delivered in flatpacks before being installed at your location. This means minimal work on site and reduces installation time.