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Love Celebrations

If you’re wanting a ceremony that’s the perfect mix of relaxed, super meaningful and fun, you’ve come to the right place!  I believe the best ceremonies are those where there’s quality laughs, maybe some tears and the vibe is set for a fantastic, fun-filled love celebration.  


Meet Me

Hi, I'm Meredith!

A fun loving, bike riding, gin drinking Newcastle girl, who loves attending weddings!


"Words can’t describe what a generous, heartfelt, humorous and magic ceremony Meredith created for us. She made our day so relaxed and intimate - right from the get-go nothing was too hard and no question was too dumb. She is a one-in-a-million woman who helped us create a day we’ll remember forever." 



Awesome weddings and awesome humans.

Thank you to the very talented photographers featured on my site. For image credits, just hover over images. 

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I book out every year and it's so sad telling fabulous couples I'm not available. Even if you're in the earliest planning stage, please get in touch. I don't want you missing out! 

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